Kendra Sinclair

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Kendra Sinclair
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Affiliation The Order
Born 773 A.S.
Died Still Alive

A xenoarchaeologist from the Cambridge Research Institute, Dr. Sinclair played a key role in the Nomad War. Initially contacted by Edison Trent while working on a Daam K'Vosh dig site on Planet Sprague, she was presented with a "unique" research opportunity. By chance, Trent had come upon one of the most important artifacts ever discovered. Instantly grasping at this opportunity to learn, Sinclair joined forces with Trent and The Order. Along with Roland Quintaine she was able to understand the hypergate system, knowledge that the Order would eventually use to deliver a crushing blow to the Nomads. After the Nomad war, it is believed that she continued to work as a researcher and scientist on Planet Toledo.