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Omega-7 System

The Omega-7 system is located between the Omega-3 system and the Stuttgart system of Rheinland. This system is buried in the Walker Nebula. There are 3 known corporate bases in this system, and 2 jump gates with trade lane access. The Bounty Hunters Guild are spotted populating the 3 corporate bases.

On the criminal side, the Red Hessians, as well as the Corsairs, populate the system, and use several jump holes that connect to the Omega-11 system and the Omega-5 system to access it from their bases. Since the entire system is covered in a gaseous Walker Nebula cloud, gas pockets and reduced sensor range are the two main dangers in this area. Flying away from marked paths or trade lanes is not recommended.

This system holds three ore fields (for Cobalt Ore, Silver Ore & Copper Ore), so it is very often visited by traders, pirates and miners.

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Omega-7 Walker Cloud

The Omega-7 region of the Walker Nebula is rich in mineral resources. Explosive gas pockets are scattered through the cloud, making any travel away from Trade Lanes and known mining areas hazardous. Only recently settled, its rich deposits of Cobalt, Silver, and Copper are being exploited by the IMG, Daumann, and Kruger.

Asteroid Fields

Furstenfelde Cloud

A large pocket within the nebula containing Copper, Cobalt, and Silver-bearing asteroids. Daumann Heavy Construction operates the Briesen Mining Facility within the cloud, despite the threat of Corsair attacks.

Gubenfelde Cloud

A medium-sized pocket within the nebula.

Ebersfelde Cloud

A large pocket within the nebula containing Silver-bearing asteroids and substantial quantities of fuel-rich gas. Kruger Minerals mines large quantities of Silver and processes it at their nearby Elbich Mining Facility. Red Hessian attacks are a constant danger, though, and transports must be well-protected.

Jump Gates/Holes